Elastaroo Tubular Bandage

Elastaroo Tubular Bandage
Elastic tubular bandage provides ideal support and treatment of soft tissue injury, joint effusion, oedema and arthritic joints.
The 100% cotton covered elastic threads form a continuous spiral. This provides even, continuous pressure.  

Comes in a natural white color and one metre long.

Product features are:
  • Easy to apply and re-apply. No need for pins or tape
  • Comfortable - allows complete freedom of movement
  • Stays in place - provides continuous even support
  • Available in a full range of sizes, fully washable
Measure around the affected joint/limb at the widest point

Size Guide

Measure around the affected joint / limb at the widest point.
SizeRecommended UseProduct SizeJoint/Limb Circumference
Size Guide
2Small wrists, arms, elbows6cm x 1m13.5 - 16.5 cms
3Medium wrist, elbow / small ankle7cm x 1m16.5 - 25 cms
4large wrist, elbow / medium ankle / small knee8 cm x 1 m25 - 35 cms
5Large ankles / medium knee / small thigh9cm x 1m35 - 44 cms
6Large knee / medium thigh10 cm x 1m44 - 50 cms

For best support, always apply Elastaroo's tubular bandage as a double layer.