Lemon Myrtle Soap Plain

Lemon Myrtle Soap Aroma:
Uplifting lemon aroma, a wonderful, yet smooth, rich lemon smell. Pleasant for men, women and children.
Lemon Myrtle Soap Benefits:
Our lemon myrtle soap is natural, moisturising, totally gentle on the skin, uplifting, it can calm noisy children.
Lemon Myrtle Soap Uses: 
Use in a bath or shower, it has an excellent lather, use as a shaving cream, some men use it as a shampoo, especially for troubled scalps.

Directions and More Uses:
Main Actives:
The essential oil of Lemon Myrtle contains up to 98% citral, containing: geranial, neral, cis-citral, (Lemongrass has 30-70% citrals, Lemon Verbena 40%, Lemon Balm 70%) citral has been shown to be anti-microbial, particularly anti fungal, anti-viral, sedative.
Lemon Myrtle’s Other Common Names:
Lemon Ironwood, Lemon Scented Myrtle.